Hotel 9 Confidentiel

Located on Rue du Roi de Sicile in the heart of Paris' 4th arrondissement, this charming new hotel was designed from start to finish by visionary designer Philippe Starck.

Lobby Salon de Thé

This original place, oscillating between neoclassicism and modernity, is inspired by the subtle and sophisticated poetry of the 1920s, punctuated and crossed with references and surprises from elsewhere, primitive art, African art, some masks and various elements of brutalist design.
Nos chambres et suites

Rooms & Suites

The cosy 9Confidentiel boasts 29 rooms, including 3 suites which give a panoramic view over the Parisian rooftops.


Bar Le Confidence

Bar Le Confidence

For enthusiasts or those wanting to discover the world of cocktails, there is a bar open seven days a week. Enjoy a selection of cocktail recipes designed by the internationally renowned French mixologist Nico de Soto.


CityGuide 9Confidentiel


Exploring a historic and symbolic district

Le Marais, one of Paris’ most visited districts, is a historical gem with its own unique ambiance. Demarcated by Place de la Bastille, Place de la République and the Hôtel de Ville, this district with its exceptional architecture is full of characteristic lavish 17th-century hotels which house famous museums such as the Paris Picasso Museum, the Maison de Victor Hugo and the Carnavalet Museum as well as art galleries.

Place des Vosges is the highlight of a walk through Le Marais. Rue des Rosiers, in the heart of Paris’ Jewish community, is worth a visit for its atmosphere, good shopping and restaurants.

Le Marais is home to many fashion boutiques and even has its own department store, BHV Marais. This district also boasts numerous bars, renowned restaurants, clubs and shops which attract many curious visitors. The 9Confidentiel will be the perfect hotel in Le Marais for all your visits whether your agenda is cultural, culinary or fun.