A luxury hotel near Hôtel de Sully and private mansions in Le Marais, Paris

Immerse yourself in the heart of the capital by staying in a hotel near Hôtel de Sully and the private mansions of Le Marais.

Discover the authentic charm of 17th-century Paris on your trip to the French capital. Le Marais is full of spectacular buildings with large double doors very often concealing magnificent gardens. These private mansions now stand alongside hipster boutiques and trendy coffee shops. This combination of old luxury and resolutely modern chic is what makes Le Marais unique and gives it its appeal.

Discover the famous Hôtel de Sully, rue Saint-Antoine

You will find the Hôtel de Sully at 62 Rue Saint-Antoine. This magnificent private mansion was built on the order of Henri IV with construction beginning in 1625. The Duke of Sully took ownership of it in 1634 and it remained in the family until the 18th century. The duchess, Charlotte Séguier, is the most famous lady of the house. Her first marriage was to the Duke of Sully until his death after which she married Henri de Verneuil, thereby becoming aunt to Louis XIV. This private mansion is remarkable for its baroque architecture brimming with classical décor and architectural detail, particularly representations of Greek goddesses.

For a long time, it remained in the high spheres of nobility with many prestigious guests visiting such as Countess de Sévigné and Voltaire.

Purchased by the State in 1945, Hôtel de Sully became the Centre of National Monuments in the 1970s.

The many private mansions of Le Marais

The many private mansions of Le Marais mostly date from the 17th century when aristocrats and wealthy intellectuals resides in them. While they differ from each other in their size and decor, these private mansions were all built on the same model. Behind large double doors, first there is a courtyard to keep the horse-drawn coaches, a palace often built with arcades and, behind the walls, a French style garden.

If this tickles your fancy, you won’t have any trouble finding many architectural gems, relics of a historic Paris. Don’t miss Hôtel de Beauvais on Rue François Miron where the illustrious Mozart once resided. This palace, now Paris’ administrative court of appeal, has a very unusual architectural shape. Not many private mansions are built in a circular shape like this with interior colonnades. Built in 1655, the wrought iron balconies were also very new for the time.

Hôtel d’Ecquevilly on Rue de Turenne is worth a visit, especially for the magnificent Saint-Gilles Grand Veneur garden behind it. The roses which give the garden its fragrance in summer are an invitation to tranquility. A wonderful respite right in the city centre!

Finally, the famous Hôtel de Carnavalet is one of the must-see private mansions in the district. Open to the public, , it houses the museum of the history of Paris and entry is free.

hotel near Hôtel de Sully and the private mansions of Le Marais is therefore an ideal starting point to explore the magnificent 17th-century Paris.



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