Fashion Week (Women's)


Haute Couture Fashion Week: a genuine high-end fashion festival 

A true celebration dedicated to fashion lovers is organised every year in July: the Haute Couture Fashion Week. Every year, this unmissable fashion event brings together a staggering number of visitors who come from around the globe to admire the latest creations of the greatest couturiers. Over a period of several days, fashion connoisseurs pour in from the world over to discover and admire the latest trends, creations and ideas of the biggest names in Haute Couture. This unmissable, eagerly awaited event is generally accessible by invitation only, notably for buyers, journalists or the fortunate few seen as VIPs in this colourful and beautiful high-end fashion world. The most beautiful items presented during the Haute Couture Fashion Week are generally creations lovingly produced by designers and specifically designed for the Fashion Week. As a result, the items presented during fashion shows may not be sold and may only be available to the fortunate few who can get their hands on them during the shows; however, some of these wonderful garments generally hit the stores approximately 6 months later. One should therefore contact the brands for information on whether or not the items presented during the Haute Couture Fashion Week are available in stores. To attend this genuine Haute Couture festival, you must find the locations of the shows yourself, accessible to a target audience by invitation only.

9 Confidentiel in Paris: the ideal base to attend the Haute Couture Fashion Week 

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