A luxury hotel near Place des Vosges: the 9Confidentiel hotel

Set in one of Paris’ most beautiful districts, the 9Confidentiel hotel combines the comfort of a luxury hotel with an ideal location close to many symbolic Parisian sites, such as the famous Place des Vosges.

Place des Vosges, one of the highlights of Paris

An open-air library for history buffs, an architectural treasure with a thousand and one facets, or quite simply a peace haven brimming with charm… a walk around Place des Vosges will appeal to all sorts of people.

The legacy of a historic square

Place des Vosges was originally named Place Royale: its construction began in 1605, under Henri IV, who wanted to make it one of the King and Queen’s residences and have pavilions there for the wealthy bourgeoisie of the time while creating a place for celebrations and space open to the public. However the king was unable to enjoy it as he passed away a few years before the square opened in 1612.

The square lost its royal name during the period of the French Revolution and it was only under Napoleon that it took the name ‘Place des Vosges’, in tribute to the Department which was the first to pay taxes under the French Revolution.

An aesthetic gem close to Renaissance style

Listed as a historic monument, this square of 140 metres by 140 metres is a real treat for the eyes. The façades are all made from red bricks with limestone blocks and slate roofs. The King’s Pavilion and the Queen’s Pavilion are the only portions that differentiate from the buildings that they overlook.

Place des Vosges is surrounded by archways which today house shops, art galleries and restaurants. The square itself consists of a small park, Louis XIII square, split into four gardens featuring fountains (drawing water from the Ourcq) and separated by paths. In the centre an equestrian statue represents the monarch on his charger.

Hidden corners to explore and unusual stories

Besides its charming setting, favourable for walks or relaxing in the shade of one of the many linden or chestnut trees adorning the square, Place des Vosges is full of surprises and mysteries to discover.

The oldest graffiti in Paris

A surprising fact is that the oldest graffiti in Paris is found on one of the columns of Place des Vosges. It is attributed to the writer Restif de la Bretonne (nicknamed ‘Le Griffon’), who engraved it in 1764. A typographer and urban explorer, he was in the habit of writing words, dates or thoughts as he took his walks around Paris. The only one remaining today is this inscription on pillar no.11 of Place des Vosges with the message: ’1764 NICOLA’.

Home to many famous names

Many contemporary pubic figures live or have lived on the beautiful Place des Vosges such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Jack Lang. But if we go further back we find that no.1 bis was the birthplace of Madame de SévignéBossuet a lodger at no.17; no.21 was the residence of Cardinal Richelieu; and Victor Hugo lived at no.6 which has now been converted into a museum. The entrance of Hotel de Sully at no.7 is a must-see.

Practical information: 9Confidentiel luxury hotel close to Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges - 75004 PARIS Metro: Bastille Bus: 29, 69, 76, 96

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